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Continence Coach

For people living at home, accessing the best incontinence care can be a challenge. That's why we developed Continence Coach to partner with providers to ensure Medicaid recipients receive the right product type, size, absorbency, and quantity to manage their needs. This program equips both Providers and Managed Care Plans for success by helping manage end-user utilization and costs, and improve member and caregiver satisfaction and education.
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Program Highlights

Product Management Strategies

  • Our full line of products allows you to choose the best hygiene for people of all ages.

Utilization Management Programs

  • Utilization Savings Calculator uncovers highest utilizing members and reports savings available by reducing unnecessary HCPCS.
  • Outcomes Insight offers opportunity to avoid ancillary medical costs when members use the right incontinence products.

Member-Caregiver Education and Sampling

  • We help educate less-literate members and caregivers about leakage in order to improve overall understanding and care.
  • We'll send a product sample kit to members so they can test our their options and determine which protective hygiene products work best for them.

Case Manager

  • Members can take advantage of our Product Sampling and Educate Kits to help understand their choices.
  • Comprehensive Training and Education helps members choose the right products. 
  • The specially designed Prevail Product Decision Tree offers members clinically based, standardized product assessments.
  • 24/7 eNursesupport provides members help over the phone or via live chat around the clock.
  • Continuing Education for Certified Case Managers (1 hour CE for CCMs) benefits patients and their families by expanding the knowledge base and experience of their case worker.

Key Benefits of Continence Coach

Our specially trained providers are closely managing and assessing the products you use in order to increase efficiency and keep members healthy and happy in their homes. We work with your preferred provider network, or we can recommend our Continence Coach network of providers. Caregivers have seen savings of 15-30% when members are properly assessed and wear the right products for their needs.

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