Free Samples

It's no secret that men's and women's bodies are built differently. Prevail has a wide range of protective hygiene made specifically for each. Our women's sample kit includes a variety of products ranging from a very light liner to Purse Ready® protective underwear so you can easily learn what level of protection suits your needs the most. Our men's premium sample kit includes male guards and men's protective underwear which were both designed specially for men. If you have any questions, please contact our eNurse team to receive confidential, respectful, and personalized expertise at any time.

If you are a Canadian Consumer and would like a FREE Prevail® sample, please contact our Canadian-based Customer Service, toll-free at 1-800-303-6635.

Women's Sample Kit

  • 1 Very Light Liner- Regular Length
  • 1 Bladder Control Pad, Light Absorbency - Regular Length 
  • 1 Bladder Control Pad, Moderate Absorbency- Long Length
  • 1 Bladder Control Pad, Maximum Absorbency- Long Length
  • 1 Women’s Protective Underwear
Available in sizes S/M, L, XL


Men's Sample Kit

  • 2 Male Guards
  • 1 Men’s Protective Underwear
Available in sizes S/M, L/XL

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