Are there products for active females?

Yes, we make many protective hygiene products for women with active lifestyles. Take a look at our recommended products for active women based on the level of leakage they experience:

Very Light leakage: Pantiliners

Pantiliners offer the most discreet light bladder leak protection for women who experience occasional droplets so they can feel clean and comfortable every day. Best of all, they come individually wrapped so you can stash extras in your bag for on-the-go leakage defense.

Light leakage: Bladder Control Pads

Bladder Control Pads offer the ultimate protection against light leaks for active women. The curved design hugs a woman's body and moves with her, so she can feel clean and fresh whether she's on a run or running through the office.

Moderate leakage: Women's Protective Underwear

Women's Protective Underwear is all about protection that keeps wearers 5x drier than the leading brand. Women who experience frequent leaks or sudden urges that don't leave time to get to the bathroom can trust this product to deliver maximum absorbency and long-lasting freshness whenever they need it.

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Source: Prevail eNurse Team.



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