Talking About Incontinence

Discussing a Patient or Loved One's Incontinence

Whether you're a nurse or a family caregiver, you know that leaks are not a popular topic of discussion. However, an open conversation is the only thing that separates someone you care about from getting the help and protective hygiene products they deserve. That's why we're here to coach you through it. Take a look at our strategies for how to talk about incontinence, and use this as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship and provide better care.

Discussing your patient's incontinence

The best ways to bring up leakage and protective hygiene with your patient or resident.

Talking to your loved one about incontinence

A guide to discussing your loved one's leaks and protective hygiene solutions in a respectful, comfortable way.

Choosing the right product

How to pick the best protective hygiene products for yourself or someone else.

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