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Holiday Travel Tips for Caregivers

As a caregiver during the holiday season, expectations and familial pressures add another dimension to an already stressful situation so approaching the holidays with awareness and a plan of action can help, especially when those holiday plans include travel. 

Profile: Adrienne's Journey to Becoming a Caregiver

It almost felt like a dream - this balancing act, where one minute I was living it up with my friends, and the next I was doing research or making phone calls, or hardest of all, making difficult decisions for the wellbeing of my mom.  The caregiving roles had come full circle, and I was now a mother to my mom. (Photograph by Jayme Gershen) 

The Prevail eNurse Experience

My mom has been wearing "pads" for light leakage as long as I can remember, but over the past nine years as her caregiver, trial-and-error has been my middle name in helping her manage her condition. This takes not only time and patience, but money! ...I was frustrated and tired of playing the guessing game, so I turned to the Prevail® eNurse™ Team to help me figure out the right products for her needs.


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