Do I need to see a doctor about incontinence?

If you're experiencing bladder leaks, talking to your doctor or healthcare provider is an important step towards finding the right treatment

Even if your leaks are mild, you should consult your doctor because incontinence is either a symptom of other underlying conditions, or a side effect of medications, diet and nutrition, and lifestyle changes. Your doctor or healthcare provider can help pinpoint the cause of your incontinence and create a treatment plan that’s right for you. 

If you're nervous to talk to your doctor, that's understandable. Most people aren't used to talking to their doctors about bladder health. But your doctor is certainly used to hearing about it – over 25 million Americans experience some sort of incontinence each year. Your doctor or healthcare provider has heard it all (probably hundreds of times), and will be glad to help you. Just be honest. Explain your symptoms in detail and share your true feelings about treatment options. 

Some people find it easier to talk if they've written down their thoughts ahead of time. So don't be afraid to bring a notepad (or cell phone) to the doctor's office with you. And keep in mind – talking to your doctor can make things better. But ignoring the issue can only make it worse.

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Source: Prevail eNurse Team.



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