Do you recommend keeping track of my patient's bladder leakage?

A Bladder and Bowel Diary is a great way to monitor incontinence and overall health. 

Prevail® Bladder and Bowel Diary

We recommend patients complete this Bladder and Bowel Diary to review at their next appointment with their physician. Patients should also bring along a list of their current medications to discuss.


How To Use a Bladder and Bowel Diary

Put a check mark in the appropriate box each time the patient urinates. For each incident of leakage, indicate the amount of urine lost by writing an S (small amount), M (medium amount), or L (large amount) in the colored box on the second row.

When used in combination with bladder retraining or scheduled bathroom visits, a Bladder and Bowel Diary may help your patient reduce bladder leakage episodes.

If your patient is able to identify an urge sensation, then bladder retraining or increasing the amount of time between urination may help reduce leakage episodes. They can even incorporate Kegel exercises to increase muscle strength while using a Bladder and Bowel Diary to monitor frequency.

If your patient is fully incontinent, use a Bladder and Bowel Diary to understand the voiding pattern. Scheduling bathroom visits before normal pattern urination may reduce bladder leakage episodes.

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