How are your products different from your competitors?

All Prevail® products are designed for four things: comfort, absorbency, skin health, and discretion. If they didn't excel at each of these things, we wouldn’t put our name on the box. That's because quality and innovation are at the heart of who we are. 

For over 25 years, we've pioneered product innovation: from being one of the first brands to offer male and female specific protective hygiene products, to becoming the #1 ranked protective hygiene brand in healthcare*. That's why we we’re proud to give our loved ones the products we make ourselves. 

But of course, care is in the details. So let's get down to the nitty gritty of why healthcare providers, caregivers, and users choose Prevail. Below, you can see every feature that's been intentionally developed for our protective hygiene over decades of research and caring. 

Dri-Fit: Combines the comfort of cotton and the protection of synthetics to give you the best of both worlds, making protective hygiene feel more natural. 

Comfort Shape: Adds elastic strands to every product for a more body-hugging fit and ultimate discretion. 

Odor Guard®: Helps prevent odors before they even start by reducing the total amount of odor-causing ammonia produced by bladder leakage.

Skin Smart Fabric: Hypoallergenic fabric that contains Vitamin E and natural botanicals Aloe and Chamomile to protect, sooth, and promote healthy skin. 

QUICK WICK with MaxSoft: Advanced moisture-wicking technology wrapped in superior softness.

Breathable Zones: Ventilated side panels allow the skin to breathe, promoting comfort and healthy skin by reducing heat build-up.

Cloth-Like Outer Fabric: Soft, breathable outer fabric that promotes comfort and reduces the risk of skin irritation associated with traditional, plastic-lined incontinence products.

Easy-Lock Fastener® (ELF®) Tabs: Strong grip and hold allow you to refasten tabs multiple times for improved fit, so you don’t have to change the product every time you need to adjust the tabs.

Expandex Wings: Soft, flexible stretch panels provide a secure body-hugging fit. 

Doublesorb Layers: Soft, dual core system helps lock up moisture away from skin.

Direct Lock: Back panel of brief can be grabbed between the two Easy-Lock Fastening Strips to release and attach without unfolding tabs.

Back Label: Size printed inside every waistband for easy reference.

*in market share by both units sold and dollars spent, based on data from GHX covering the last 4 quarters reported (Q1'17-Q4'17), wherein Healthcare is defined as Home Healthcare and Long Term Care combined and protective hygiene is defined as absorbent products for the management of incontinence in adults. 


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Source: Prevail eNurse Team.



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