Is there something I can take so I don't have to go often?

There are some natural remedies that can help with incontinence. Magnesium can help reduce bladder muscles spasms and enable individuals to empty their bladder more completely. Also, Vitamin D can help maintain muscle strength.

As you probably know, medications can have a wide range of effects on your body. When it comes to leakage, some medications improve symptoms while others just make them worse. Certain types of medications are bladder irritants that can trigger incontinence, including some sedatives, diuretics, and narcotics. 

Other medications affect the performance of the bladder muscle and the bladder outlet muscle. Sometimes, these medications cause incontinence when prescribed for unrelated conditions. In other cases, these same medications actually improve incontinence and will be prescribed to treat leakage. As you can see, medications can be tricky.  Ask your doctor whether or not your current medications impact bladder control. Be sure to discuss how changing your medications could affect your leakage.

You can learn more about specific medications and their effects on bladder control here


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