My mother is experiencing bowel incontinence. What can I do?

Caring for a loved one with bowel incontinence can feel like an overwhelming responsibility. But you're not alone. Millions of caregivers look after family members with bowel incontinence, particularly in the senior population. Bowel Incontinence is the inability to control the passage of liquid or solid stool due to other health conditions. This type of incontinence can occur at any age, but is more common in the elderly population. However, keep in mind that bowel leakage is not a natural part of aging.

The first step towards treating bowel incontinence is a visit to your loved one's physician. A doctor or healthcare provider can determine the cause of their bowel leakage and discuss treatment options with them. Your loved one may feel reluctant to talk about bowel incontinence or seek help. People with bowel leakage often feel embarrassed and uncomfortable discussing their symptoms with loved ones and even their healthcare provider. They may feel hopeless and believe that there's no real solution. 

However, your loved one needs to know that bowel incontinence can be related to underlying medical conditions and treatment options are available. That's why it's important to encourage your loved one to seek medical guidance for managing bowel leakage. Don't let your loved one suffer in silence. Creating a dialogue is an essential step towards getting someone you love the care they deserve.

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