My patient is showing some skin irritation. What can be done about this?

Here are a few things that may be causing your patient's skin irritation, along with some solutions:

Is the skin scalded at the mid-thigh area? 

The product may not be close enough to the body. Position the product close to the body ensuring the core of the product is against the perineal area allowing for a snug fit. 

Is the skin blistered at the upper thigh? 

The leg openings may be positioned incorrectly. The leg openings should rest on the natural creases of the groin.

Other potential cause of skin irritation:

Infrequent absorbent product changes, inadequate skin care or pericare, and lack of repositioning.

If you're not already using Prevail®, consider switching. Skilled Nursing Facilities using Prevail protective hygiene and adult washcloth products saw a 71% reduction in Incontinence Associated Dermatitis cases among their residents* 

If the problem continues, please reach out to a 24/7 eNurse or give us a call at 866-573-3776 so we can provide personal assistance. 

*according to an independent study conducted September – November 2017 among incontinent skilled nursing facility residents


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Source: Prevail eNurse Team.



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