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Should there be an odor?

If you're caring for someone with incontinence, odor can become a big concern. That's why special odor protection is built into each one of our protective hygiene products. Our pads and protective underwear contain Odor Guard®, which helps neutralize odors before they even start. Just like you rely on deodorant to offset body odor, you can trust Prevail® to counteract leakage odor. In fact, customers reported a 39% reduction in instances of excessive odor after switching to Prevail.*

However, there are additional steps you should take to manage odor and freshness:

BLADDER INCONTINENCE shouldn't produce much of an odor when properly managed. Make sure you're changing your loved one's protective hygiene products on a regular basis. You should give your loved one a fresh product when they start to feel wetness, or as often as they prefer. Always clean the skin thoroughly before applying a new product to prevent odor, infection, and skin irritation. Disposable adult washcloths are an excellent solution for easy clean-up, especially when on the go.

BOWEL INCONTINENCE needs to be managed differently to keep your loved one feeling fresh and clean. Bowel leakage will cause an odor, so you should change the product as soon as possible following a leak. As with bladder leaks, you need to thoroughly cleanse the skin before applying a new product to prevent odor, infection, and skin irritation. Disposable adult washcloths make clean-up much easier. 

PRODUCT DISPOSAL is an important aspect of odor management. You should wrap used products in plastic shopping bags or plastic gloves before tossing them out. Also, make sure you're using a waste basket with a secure closable lid.

*according to a survey conducted in Q4 2017 among 128 caregivers and patients using absorbent adult incontinence products in the home


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Source: Prevail eNurse Team.


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