What is the most effective way to ensure I am using the correct products for my patients?

Finding the right protective hygiene product can be challenging. Every patient comes with a unique body, symptoms, and needs. It's worth taking the time to make sure you have the right product. Customers who switched to Prevail® protective hygiene products used almost 2 fewer products per day than with their previous products.*

So, how can you make sure you're providing the best protective hygiene products for each one of your patients? Take a look at these product guidelines to ensure you're using the right product, choosing the correct size, and applying the product properly.


You should select a product based on your patient's sex, type of incontinence, level of mobility, and volume of leakage. Please use our Product Finder tool or read through "Choosing the Right Product" to make sure you selected the best product for their needs.


Use our Height/Weight Charts to determine the best size for your patient. Have their current measurements handy and make sure they're accurate. Adding a few inches or shaving off a few pounds can be tempting, so ensure your patient hasn't doctored their dimensions. If they're reluctant to share their measurements, remind them how important sizing is for product performance. Products that are too small will be uncomfortable and products that are too large will leak due to sagging. 


For optimal performance, make sure the product is applied properly. The product should rest snugly against the body. Make sure your patient is using only one product at a time. While wearing multiple products may seem more protective, it actually hinders the absorbency process and can cause product leakage and possible skin irritation. 

*according to a study conducted in Q4 2017 among caregivers and patients using absorbent adult incontinence products in the home


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Source: Prevail eNurse Team.



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