What products are there specifically for men?

At Prevail, we're dedicated to creating products that keep men feeling dry, comfortable, and protected. We offer a wide range of male and unisex incontinence products that meet different absorbency needs, from male guards to protective briefs. Whether your leaks are light, heavy, or somewhere in between, we have a product that can meet your needs.

LIGHT LEAKS are often associated with stress incontinence. That’s when you get an involuntary dribble of urine after sneezing, jumping, laughing, or exercising. If that sounds like you, these products are exactly what you’re looking for: 

Male guards: If you experience the occasional dribble, male guards will protect you and your clothes from moisture. Just wear them inside your regular underwear and get on with your day moisture-free, from the office to the gym.

MODERATE LEAKS are often associated with urge incontinence and mixed incontinence. With urge incontinence, you experience sudden, frequent urges to urinate that keep you from getting to the bathroom in time. If you have mixed incontinence, you experience these same sudden urges as well as recurring leaks during certain movements like sneezing or laughing. If these types of leakage sound familiar, these products offer the protection you need: 

Protective Underwear for Men: It's no secret that men and women are shaped differently. That's why we offer protective underwear that's specifically designed for men. If you experience frequent leaks, just replace your regular underwear with men's protective underwear for a custom-fitted feel and ultimate protection. 

HEAVY LEAKS are often associated with reflex, overflow, or functional incontinence. If you have reflex incontinence, it may be difficult to determine when you have to go to the bathroom, resulting in accidents. If you have overflow incontinence, your bladder always feels full. As a result, you experience a constant dribbling of urine and increased frequency and urgency of urination. Functional incontinence occurs when your urinary system is working properly, but immobility or cognitive impairment prevents you from getting to the bathroom in time. For heavy leaks, we have a range of products that provide the ultimate protection: 

Briefs: When it comes to heavy leaks, briefs provide the most comprehensive protection. You can choose from a range of absorbencies for bladder leakage. Briefs should be worn in place of regular underwear.  

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