How to Pay for Incontinence Management

A list of resources you can use to help pay for treatments and protective hygiene products.

Wearing protective hygiene as part of your everyday hygiene routine is one of the best ways to manage leaks. But you might feel some concern about the expense of buying these products. There are two main ways that you can get help paying for incontinence supplies: Medicaid or Flexible Spending Accounts.


Yes, high quality Prevail products are covered by Medicaid! If you have Medicaid or a Medicaid Health Plan, your supplies may be covered at no cost to you. Which supplies are covered is different for each state, but most states cover the following products and supplies on a monthly basis for most Medicaid recipients:

  • Bladder control pads and pantiliners for women
  • Absorbent guards for men
  • Protective underwear
  • Adult briefs (also known as adult diapers)
  • Underpads

Learn What's Covered in Your State

Reach out to a Medicaid-registered Home Medical Supplier for clarification about which products are covered in your state. Home Medical Suppliers might also ship products to your home and handle the billing for you, so there's less to worry about. To find a Home Medical Supplier in your area that supplies Prevail contact us at: 1-800-227-3551.

Helpful Links

To see if you or a loved one qualifies for Medicaid visit

Flexible Spending Accounts

If your private insurance plan does not pay for the products you need, you may also be able to use a flexible spending account (FSA) to get reimbursement for incontinence supplies that you buy out-of-pocket. Be sure to contact your healthcare provider or insurer to confirm which products are covered before buying. You can also check with your employer to learn more about participation in FSA accounts.

How do FSAs Work?

Flexible spending accounts allow employees to designate a certain amount of pre-tax dollars from their paychecks to be deposited into an account set up by their employer for uninsured healthcare expenses. They can then withdraw funds tax-free throughout the year to pay for qualified out-of-pocket medical costs. 


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