Protective Hygiene Pads vs. Menstrual Pads

The reasons you should be using protective hygiene products over feminine care to manage bladder leaks.

If you're currently using feminine hygiene to manage bladder leaks, you're not alone. But if you upgrade to protective hygiene you'll be amazed at how much simpler managing leaks becomes when you're armed with the best solution. 

You Deserve Full Protection

When many women first experience leaks, they reach for what they know: menstrual pads. That's understandable – they're familiar and every woman knows which aisle to find them in. But the truth is, menstrual pads aren't designed for bladder leaks and they can't provide the security of protective hygiene. 

The Difference Is Real

Protective hygiene products and feminine hygiene products are designed for completely different jobs. (Trust us, our engineers make both.) Menstrual pads absorb a slower, heavier flow of menstrual fluid, while protective hygiene is engineered specifically for rapid, thinner bladder leakage. 

Protective hygiene is engineered to wick moisture away from skin and absorb acidic urine to keep you dry, comfortable, and odor-free. On top of that, protective hygiene products are designed specifically for daily use, like deodorant, so they fit right into your regular hygiene routine. Menstrual pads are only meant to be worn a handful of days out of the month. With protective hygiene, you get a much higher standard of comfort, freshness, and leakage defense. 

Why You Can Trust Prevail®

Prevail® protective hygiene is designed to excel in four categories: comfort, absorbency, skin health, and discretion. Every product must meet rigorous standards to earn the Prevail name. Prevail is the #1 ranked protective hygiene brand in home healthcare.* 

*in market share by both units sold and dollars spent, based on data from GHX covering the last 4 quarters reported (Q1'17-Q4'17), wherein protective hygiene is defined as absorbent products for the management of incontinence in adults.


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