Prevail Underpad


Prevail® Underpads are designed to provide extra protection against leaks for beds, chairs, and other surfaces. They add an additional layer of security, particularly for those with heavy leakage. You can even choose from a range of sizes and absorbencies to meet your personal needs.

Prevail® is consistently ranked the #1 protective hygiene brand in U.S. Healthcare* In market share by both units sold and dollars spent, based on 2017 data from GHX, wherein Healthcare is defined as Home Healthcare and Long Term Care combined and protective hygiene is defined as absorbent products for the management of incontinence in adults.



Product Details

Product Name SKU Code Size Quantity
Fluff Underpad L PV-418 23" x 36" 4 bags of 18 (72 ct.)
Fluff Underpad Printed Bag UP-150 23" x 36" 10 bags of 15 (150 ct.)
Super Absorbent Underpad Printed Bag UP-100 30" x 30" 10 bags of 10 (100 ct.)
Premium Super Absorbent Underpad XL PV-410 30" x 36" 4 bags of 10 (40 ct.)

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