For Women Overnight Underwear

Women's Overnight Underwear

Overnight absorbency

Prevail® for Women Overnight Absorbency Underwear provides the highest level of absorbency with the look and feel of everyday underwear. This product keeps women 5x drier than the leading brand*, so they can feel fresh all night long. The overnight absorbency, cotton enhanced* material, and cloth-like breathability help keep women dry and comfortable throughout the night so they can get a good night's sleep undisturbed by leaks. 

Prevail Protective Overnight Underwear keeps you 5x drier than Depend* Overnight Underwear (*Based on rewet testing of the leading protective underwear brand). Depend® is a registered trademark of Kimberly Clark Worldwide, Inc. First Quality Products, Inc. is not affiliated with Kimberly Clark Worldwide, Inc. 

The Seal of Cotton and cotton enhanced are trade marks of Cotton Incorporated. The topsheet layer of this product contains minimum 15% cotton. 

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Designed for women

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Cloth like fabric

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Product Details

Product Name SKU Code Waist-Hip Size Quantity
Underwear for Women - Small/Medium PWX-512 28" - 40" 4 bags of 18 (72 ct.)
Underwear for Women - Large PWX-513   4 bags of 16 (64 ct.)
Underwear for Women - X-Large PWX-514 48" - 64" 4 bags of 16 (64 ct.)