Per-Fit Women Medium

Extra Absorbency

Per-Fit® Women Protective Underwear

Per-Fit® Women protective underwear strikes the perfect balance between protection and comfort. For women who experience frequent leaks and sudden urges that don't allow time to find a bathroom, this product delivers extra absorbency in a lavender hue for long-lasting freshness. Breathable, cloth-like fabric offers a form-fitting shape and stretch waist, providing a perfect fit and ultimate comfort. 



Maxsorb Gel

Omni Odor Guard

Omni Odor Guard®

360° Breathable Zones

Cloth-Like Outer Fabric

Designed for Women

Back Label

Product Details

Product Name SKU Code Waist-Hip Size Quantity
Per-Fit Women M PFW-512 34" - 46" 4 bags of 20 (80 ct.)
Per-Fit Women L PFW-513 44" - 58" 4 bags of 18 (72 ct.)
Per-Fit Women XL PFW-514 58" - 68" 4 bags of 14 (56 ct.)

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