Maximum Plus Absorbency

Per-Fit360° Briefs

Per-Fit360° Briefs combine the comfortable feel of Per-Fit® with our most advanced technology for men and women with heavy leakage. For those who have persistent leakage and can't get to the bathroom, these briefs provide 360° ventilation and Microclimate Care technology. Together, these features lock away wetness and allow air, heat, and humidity to escape. Wearers will stay fresh and dry at all times, promoting comfort and healthy skin.  



Maxsorb Gel

Omni Odor Guard

Omni Odor Guard®


360° Breathable Zones


Expandex Wings

Doublesorb Layers

Easy-Lock Fastener® Strips

Direct Lock Panels

Cloth-Like Outer Fabric

Product Details

Product Name SKU Code Size Color Quantity
Per-Fit360 Size 1 M PFNG-012 26" - 48" White 6 bags of 16 (96 ct.)
Per-Fit360 Size 2 L PFNG-013 45" - 62" Blue 4 bags of 18 (72 ct.)
Per-Fit360 Size 3 XL PFNG-014 58" - 70" Pink 4 bags of 15 (60 ct.)

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