With Prevail® as your partner, you can better support your customers with assessments and education, and better service your Managed Care Plans by helping them manage costs, utilization, and quality.
With varying incontinence product reimbursement guidelines by state and health plan, Providers are an essential in ensuring Medicaid recipients receive the right product type, size, absorbency, and quantity to manage their needs. Providers who partner with Prevail are equipped for success with our Continence Coach program – which helps manage utilization and costs for health plans, and improve member and caregiver satisfaction and education.

Costs: When patients use higher quality products, they experience better overall health outcomes.

New Prevail users experienced a 57% reduction in rashes and skin irritations, a 14% reduction in pressure injuries, and an 18% reduction in irritation caused by lingering wetness in the incontinence product.* Reductions in these health issues lead to reduced ancillary medical costs to Managed Care Plans.

Utilization: When patients use higher quality products, they require less quantity and supplementary products.

New Prevail users reported a 24% reduction in daily product changes compared to their previous product. Additionally, new Prevail users saw a 33% reduction in the need to use underpads as a secondary absorbent adult incontinence product.* Reductions in these items can each lead to reduced overall costs in terms of number of products used – direct savings to the members' Managed Care Plan.

Quality: High quality products help improve member and caregiver satisfaction, and improve quality of life.

According to a recent study, patients and caregivers strongly prefer Prevail®, and had overwhelming intent to continue to use Prevail® after the study.*

For patients in a home health setting to experience better quality of life and improved medical outcomes, and for Health Plans to avoid ancillary medical costs, it is essential for Providers to properly assess the product needs of patients with incontinence, and to provide higher quality better performing products.

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*according to a survey conducted in q4 2017 among 128 caregivers and patients using absorbent adult incontinence products in the home.

A program for Providers developed to address the protective hygiene needs of Medicaid Health Plans and Members living at home for effectively managing costs without compromising the quality of care.


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