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Providing customers with the best products is the only way to provide better care. Partnering with Prevail® gives you access to the #1 ranked protective hygiene brand in home healthcare* and exclusive programs that help you serve your customers and drive sales in store.

Medical Supply Stores sell a wide variety of durable or home medical equipment to consumers with a wide variety of health needs. Both private pay and Medicaid consumers depend on Medical Supply Stores to gain access to equipment related to health issues such as diabetes, immobility, neurological disorders, age-related conditions, and incontinence. With incontinence often being a side effect of many medical conditions, success in marketing this category in your storefront can provide significant revenue.

As The Protective Hygiene Authority, it is the mission of Prevail® to provide individuals and caregivers the best there is to offer in protection, comfort, odor control, and skin health. 

We are passionate about improving the quality of life of the individuals who use our products, and we have the numbers to prove it. According to a recent study on individuals and caregivers in the home healthcare setting, new Prevail® users experienced less leaks, drier skin, less excessive urine odor, and felt more discreet while wearing their products – during both day time and night time use, compared to their previous product**. This leads individuals and caregivers to strongly prefer Prevail® over their previous product**.

With many individuals wearing protective hygiene products every day, and snug to their bodies, skin health can often be affected due to the corrosive nature of bladder or bowel leakage. Since Prevail® has been leading innovations in the incontinence space for almost 30 years, we're proud that skin health is always top of mind when designing our products for the best performance possible. New Prevail® users saw a 57% reduction in skin irritations and rashes, a 14% reduction in bed sores, and an 18% reduction in irritation caused by wetness**.

If you are also a Provider, please see our Provider page for additional information on how Prevail can support your business. 

If you are a current Medical Supply Store customer, click here to login to our Prevail® customers-only portal for access to all of our marketing programs to support your business.

*in market share by both units sold and dollars spent, based on data from GHX covering the last 4 quarters reported (Q1'17-Q4'17), wherein protective hygiene is defined as absorbent products for the management of incontinence in adults.

**according to a survey conducted in q4 2017 among 128 caregivers and patients using absorbent adult incontinence products in the home



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