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Skilled Nursing Facilities are passionate about providing the highest quality care for residents to promote better outcomes and so is Prevail®. We offer a variety of tools, programs, and educational resources to help you offer better care for your incontinent residents while building your business.
Ranging from short-term stays for post-acute rehabilitation, to long term residential living, Skilled Nursing Facilities offer around-the-clock nursing care and other services such as social activities and memory care. These facilities are required to provide a high level of attention to their residents – who are often fully dependent on the care of their nurses and nursing assistants. 

Many Skilled Nursing Facility patients and residents use protective hygiene products to manage their incontinence. If leakage is poorly managed by low quality products, it may cause a variety of health and hygiene issues, such as Urinary Tract Infections, skin irritations, excessive urine odor, or falls while rushing to the restroom. With incontinence being a common side effect of many conditions as adults age, it becomes essential to offer high quality, high performing protective hygiene products so your residents can maintain their health and quality of life.

As The Protective Hygiene Authority, it is the mission of Prevail® to provide Skilled Nursing Facility residents the best there is to offer in protection, comfort, odor control, and skin health. 

We are passionate about improving the medical outcomes of individuals who use our products, and we have the numbers to prove it. Most notably, Nursing Homes that use Prevail® report better rates of Urinary Tract Infections among their residents than facilities that use other products*. 

With many individuals wearing protective hygiene products every day, and snug to their bodies, skin health can often be affected due to the corrosive nature of bladder or bowel leakage. Since Prevail® has been leading innovations in the incontinence space for almost 30 years, we're proud that skin health is always top of mind when designing our products for the best performance possible. In fact, new Prevail® users saw a 57% reduction in skin irritations and rashes, a 14% reduction in pressure injuries, and an 18% reduction in irritation caused by wetness**.

As an added bonus, our products also help improve the quality of life of your residents. New Prevail® users experienced less leaks, drier skin, less excessive urine odor, and felt more discreet while wearing their products – during both day time and night time use, compared to their previous product**. This leads individuals and caregivers to strongly prefer Prevail® over their previous product**. 

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*Based on analysis of nursing home compare database on datamedicare.Gov, comparing publicly reported urinary tract infection rates during the period october 2016 – september 2017 among prevail accounts and all combined non-first quality accounts, and comparing each to state and national averages.  A "prevail account" is defined as a nursing home facility with at least thirty beds and thirty residents where at least 50% of the adult absorbent incontinence products it purchases are prevail products.  A "non-first quality account" is defined as a nursing home facility with at least thirty beds and thirty residents that does not purchase any first quality adult absorbent incontinence products. While first quality is encouraged by the results of this analysis, it has not [yet] conducted a study to determine whether prevail adult absorbent incontinence products can be clinically shown to reduce the risk of urinary tract infection among long-stay nursing care residents and the fda has not approved a urinary tract infection prevention claim.  Given the positive results of first quality's analysis, however, further study is warranted. 

**According to a survey conducted in q4 2017 among 128 caregivers and patients using absorbent adult incontinence products in the home


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