I believe I am applying the product properly, but there is still leakage. What could be wrong?

First, determine if the correct protective hygiene product is being used for the type and level of incontinence the individual is experiencing. Our Product Finder tool can help you determine the appropriate product based on the individual's sex, type of incontinence, level of leakage, & mobility. Second, use our Height/Weight charts to ensure you've selected the right product.

Still having issues? Watch out for these potential causes of leakage:

  • Overuse of barrier creams may diminish the wicking action of absorbent products, and wiping excess cream inside the protective product may decrease the product's ability to absorb. Application of barriers should be in accordance with the product manufacturer's recommendations for correct use.
  • Doubling-up on products actually hinders absorbency. Products are designed to be used in a singular fashion and applied properly. Using two products simultaneously (i.e. inserting a pad into a brief) will hinder the absorbency process and may cause leakage.
  • For briefs, tabs should fall naturally at the hip region when the correct size is used. 
  • For protective underwear, make sure they hug the body snugly, just like regular underwear.  

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Source: Prevail eNurse Team.



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