My parent is in denial about their incontinence. What do I do?

Talking about incontinence with a loved one can be uncomfortable at first for everyone. It can be even more difficult when your loved one is in denial.

To help them feel more comfortable, let them know they're not alone. Leaks are common and that can manage their leakage with the right absorbent undergarments. Protective hygiene products are a regular part of daily hygiene for many people, as common as brushing teeth or applying deodorant.

You could also try a gradual approach. Once an individual is able to acknowledge their incontinence, start with small steps. Suggest a bladder control pad or a male guard to help with freshness. As they get used to these products, they'll feel more comfortable gradually advancing to protective underwear or briefs if needed. Take the time to build their confidence and their trust in you as well as protective hygiene.

If you think your loved one would be more comfortable speaking with someone else, you can always suggest they speak with their healthcare provider or the Prevail® eNurse is available 24/7. 


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Source: Prevail eNurse Team.



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