Talking to Your Loved Ones About Your Incontinence

How to bring up your leaks with friends and family in a comfortable way.

It's Important to Communicate

It's a good idea to start having conversations with your loved ones about your leaks, even if the leakage is mild. Talking about leaks can be uncomfortable at first, but remember that incontinence is very common – 25 million Americans experience it each year. You'll benefit greatly from telling those around you, so they can support you and stay prepared with protective hygiene.

Keep an Expert Close, Too

Be sure to talk to your healthcare provider. They can help you assess, treat, and manage your condition. Remember, ignoring your symptoms makes living with incontinence more difficult than it should be. Talking to your healthcare provider can help you find the right resources and treatments to better manage leaks. Sharing information from your healthcare provider can also be a great way to start the conversation with your loved ones. 

How to Talk About It

Some people find it easier to talk if they've written down their thoughts ahead of time. More than anything, it's important to be honest. This will help your loved ones understand what's happening and give them a chance to be a part of the solution. Imagine if the situation were reversed. Would you want to help them? Chances are they are going to be just as interested in helping you. 

It's also a good idea to let your loved one know how they can help you – even if it's just being open to more conversations in the future. 

Family Activities 

Let your family know that just because you're dealing with leaks, doesn't mean you want to sit out of any activities. Talking to them ahead of time can help you plan and have an ally in these situations. 

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