What makes this product different than pads?

When many women first experience leaks, they reach for what they know: menstrual pads. But the truth is, if you haven't upgraded to protective hygiene products, you aren't getting the full protection you deserve. 

That's because protective hygiene products and feminine hygiene products are designed for completely different purposes. (Trust us, our engineers make both.) If you take a look at the different situations each one is created to deal with, it just makes sense. Feminine hygiene is designed to absorb a slower, heavier flow of menstrual fluid while protective hygiene is engineered to absorb a rapid dispersion of bladder leakage. 

Protective hygiene products are also engineered to wick moisture away from skin and neutralize acidic urine to keep you dry, comfortable, and odor-free. On top of that, protective hygiene is designed specifically for daily use, like toothpaste or deodorant, while menstrual pads are designed to be used just a handful of days out of the month. Feminine hygiene simply can't compete with protective hygiene's standards of comfort and protection for bladder leakage. 

If you're currently using feminine hygiene to manage bladder leaks, you’re not alone. But if you give protective hygiene products a try, you’ll be amazed at how much simpler managing leaks becomes when you're armed with the best solution. Need help choosing the right product? Our Product Finder can help.     


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Source: Prevail eNurse Team.



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