Which product holds the most?

Our most absorbent protective hygiene products are designed to handle heavy bladder or bowel leakage. We have a variety of products that provide the ultimate protection for both women and men:


When it comes to heavy bladder leakage and bowel incontinence, briefs provide the most comprehensive protection. You can choose from a range of absorbencies  to meet every individual's needs. Briefs should be worn in place of regular underwear. 

Extended-Use Briefs

These extra absorbent briefs provide longer leakage protection so individuals can make it through the night feeling dry and comfortable. Extended-Use Briefs provide extra protection for improved comfort, better skin integrity, and a more restful sleep. 


Underpads are designed to protect beds, chairs, and other surfaces. When using an air loss mattress, you should only use air permeable underpads designed specifically for these specialty mattresses.  

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Source: Prevail eNurse Team.



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