How do I sign up to access the tools and resources you have available for clinicians?

Prevail® is ready to help you provide the utmost care for your patients and operate more efficiently with our healthcare provider tools. Here's an overview of what we can do for you, your staff, and your patients:  

24/7 eNurse: Live video conferencing, webinars, and specialized topics to help you maximize a patient’s comfort, care, and protection. These sessions can even be customized by topic, instruction level, and timing that work best for your staff.

Continence Coach: A program developed to address the needs of Medicaid Health Plan Members living at home. This is a resource for effectively managing costs without compromising on the quality of care and helping patients or residents stay active in their communities.

Assisted Living Program: A continence management system that ensures high quality products, comfort, and dignity for senior living residents. It is a comprehensive program that includes tools, guides, and resources to support incontinence management in your communities. 

Hospice Program: A partnership that offers the utmost care for your patients through Incontinence Products, Educational Programs, and Clinical Support. Since Prevail is the leading choice of healthcare providers, we can help you increase the level of care for your hospice patients and operate more efficiently.   

Resident Discharge: The tools you need to help your facility meet the requirements for discharge planning. We create custom-branded resident discharge videos, websites, and take-home information that help residents transition comfortably from your facility to their home. The included educational tools and resources help them avoid common causes of readmission, such as falls, skin problems, and infections.

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Source: Prevail eNurse Team.



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