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How often should the products be changed?

How often you change the product depends on the level of leakage and type of incontinence.

Do I need fillers to improve incontinence?

Fillers or urethral bulking have been shown to improve bladder control in some people.

Do I need Botox to treat incontinence?

Botox has been shown to improve Overactive Bladder symptoms in some people.

Can I still have sex?

[VIDEO] Over 25 million Americans experience leakage – it’s common! Luckily with protective hygiene products you can feel secure and protected from leaks throughout the day.

Can I order your products in bulk?

Depending on your product needs, you can order Prevail® by the package or by the case through any of our online vendors or select in-store partners.

How often should I go to the bathroom?

Every person has different individual bathroom needs. If you've noticed a change in your habits, we recommend talking to your healthcare provider to develop a personalized treatment plan.

Can a person who is sight impaired use the product?

Yes, a sight impaired person can use Prevail® protective hygiene products.

How much do Prevail products hold?

Prevail products are engineered with different levels of absorbency to suit a wide range of needs, whether a patient's leakage is light, heavy, or somewhere in between.

Are your products environmentally conscious?

We're committed to protecting and improving our environment through sustainability initiatives.

How long has Prevail been around?

Since 1989, we've been listening to and learning from consumers and healthcare professionals to create the most advanced protective hygiene products available.