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What products are there specifically for women?

For over 25 years, we've worked with women to develop incontinence products that fit their bodies.

Are your products environmentally conscious?

We're committed to protecting and improving our environment through sustainability initiatives.

What tools do you have to help me work with my patients?

Providing the best care is in our DNA. That's why we're focused not only on creating the best products, but also the best tools and programs to help you provide the most comprehensive care for your patients.

What products are there specifically for men?

At Prevail, we're dedicated to creating products that keep men feeling dry, comfortable, and protected.

Do you recommend keeping track of my patient's bladder leakage?

A Bladder and Bowel Diary is a great way to monitor incontinence and overall health.

What things other than your products can help incontinence?

Managing someone's health and well-being is a big responsibility, especially when they're also someone you love.

What makes this product different than pads?

When many women first experience leaks, they reach for what they know: menstrual pads. But the truth is, if you haven't upgraded to protective hygiene products, you aren't getting the full protection you deserve.

How do I know if I am using the right product and/or the right size?

Sometimes finding the right protective product can seem like a challenge.

What is Prevail Continence Coach?

PrevailĀ® Continence Coach is a program developed to address the needs of Medicaid Health Plan Members living at home.

How do I help my dad put on your product?

Helping a loved one put on a product can be uncomfortable at first. But remember, it's a challenging situation for both of you.