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Should I get Cesarean section to prevent incontinence?

Cesarean sections are not a recommended procedure to prevent bladder leakage.

My patient is showing some skin irritation. What can be done about this?

Here are a few things that may be causing your patient's skin irritation, along with some solutions:

My parent is in denial about their incontinence. What do I do?

Talking about incontinence with a loved one can be uncomfortable at first for everyone. It can be even more difficult when your loved one is in denial.

My parent is being antisocial because of their incontinence.

It's natural for your loved one to feel self-conscious about their incontinence in social situations. But if their fears are preventing them from living a full, connected life, help may be required.

Are all of the products designed for the elderly ONLY?

Prevail® protective hygiene products are designed for everyone, not just the elderly. In fact, leakage affects people of all ages.

My mother is experiencing bowel incontinence. What can I do?

Caring for a loved one with bowel incontinence can feel like an overwhelming responsibility. But you're not alone.

Is it easy enough to change without help?

Yes, Prevail® products are designed to be easy to change from a lying, standing, or sitting position.

Just how comfortable are these products?

Comfort is one of the most important aspects built into every Prevail® product.

If I drink less, will I have less issues?

Staying hydrated is important, even if you're experiencing leaks.

It seems like my mother's incontinence is worsening. What can I do?

Taking care of someone's health and well-being is a big responsibility, especially when they're also someone you love.