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Are you prone to incontinence at a certain age?

Incontinence can affect people at any age. If you're experiencing bladder or bowel leaks, you're not alone. 25 million Americans experience leaks every single year.

Are there products for active females?

Yes, we make many protective hygiene products for women with active lifestyles.

Do I need a prescriptions for some of these products?

Fortunately, you don't need a prescription to use Prevail® products.

Do I need a hysterectomy to improve bladder leaks?

A hysterectomy is not a treatment for bladder leakage. Fortunately, there's a variety of incontinence treatment and management options you can use to improve bladder control.

Do I need to wash the patient with every change?

Whenever you change a patient's product, some form of skin care is required to prevent odor, infection, and skin irritation.

How do I discreetly dispose of used products?

It's not recommended to flush any type of protective hygiene or incontinence product.

Can you tell I'm wearing the product under clothes?

All Prevail® products are designed for four things: comfort, absorbency, skin health, and discretion. If they didn't excel at each of those things, we wouldn't put our name on the box.

Can people tell when I pee?

Not if you're wearing the right protective hygiene product.

Can leaks cause depression?

Managing incontinence can feel daunting at first but it actually gets easier the more you talk about it and as you develop a specific treatment plan.

Can I use two products at the same time?

Layering makes sense when battling cold weather, but not when battling moisture.