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Will my incontinence worsen over time?

The good news: incontinence may be treatable or, in some cases, even reversible. If you have bladder leaks, there are a number of things you can do to treat or manage the condition.

Will your products come in different colors?

The Prevail® family of products is not all the same in terms of look and feel.

How can I talk to my loved one more effectively about incontinence?

Discussing incontinence with a loved one is something many family caregivers try to avoid. It's a topic that's often swept under the rug simply to forgo an uncomfortable conversation.

How do I discreetly dispose of used products?

It's not recommended to flush any type of protective hygiene or incontinence product.

How do I help my dad put on your product?

Helping a loved one put on a product can be uncomfortable at first. But remember, it's a challenging situation for both of you.

How do I know if I am using the right product and/or the right size?

Sometimes finding the right protective product can seem like a challenge.

Do you recommend keeping track of my patient's bladder leakage?

A Bladder and Bowel Diary is a great way to monitor incontinence and overall health.

How do I remove the smell of urine?

To remove the smell of urine from clothing, run the clothes in the washing machine using cold water, 1 cup of white vinegar, and no detergent.

How do I sign up to access the tools and resources you have available for clinicians?

Prevail® is ready to help you provide the utmost care for your patients and operate more efficiently with our healthcare provider tools.

How do you not embarrass your loved one when talking about this difficult topic?

Talking about incontinence with a loved one can be uncomfortable at first for everyone. To help them feel more comfortable, let them know they're not alone.