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What are Kegel exercises and do they really work?

For both men and women, Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that support the bladder and help close the urethra.

How do I sign up to access the tools and resources you have available for clinicians?

Prevail® is ready to help you provide the utmost care for your patients and operate more efficiently with our healthcare provider tools.

Should there be an odor?

If you're caring for someone with incontinence, odor can become a big concern.

How do I discreetly dispose of used products?

It's not recommended to flush any type of protective hygiene or incontinence product.

Should my patient be in a product at night?

Patients are encouraged to wear products at night for optimal comfort, protection, skin health, and more restful sleep.

How do I choose the right products for my loved one?

For many caregivers, finding the right protective product can seem like a challenge.

Should I wake up the patient to change the product?

When it comes to changing a product, patients have different needs. Always follow your facility protocol and address your residents' individual needs.

Does this product cover the smell?

Everyone wants to feel fresh, clean, and confident. But when you're dealing with leaks, freshness feels harder to maintain.

Does the product keep my love ones diabetic sensitive skin in mind?

Prevail® protective hygiene products are designed to protect your loved one's skin, regardless of medical condition.

Does insurance cover incontinence products?

Some insurance will cover incontinence products. It may depend on the state where you live and your particular health insurance plan.